Thursday, September 29, 2011


My favorite childhood candy was NOW&LATERs! However, this post isn't about candy, it's about whether you should get married NOW and have the wedding LATER? This seems like a new celebrity trend. Singer Monica and baller Shannon Brown and singer Keyshia Cole and baller Boobie Gibson recently got married and had their weddings later to name a few. Can we expect this from other celebrity couples? (Ex. rapper Jim Jones and long time girlfriend Chrissy, or how about baller Matt Barnes and fiance Gloria?) Celebrity lives are so demanding that it's understandable why some will get married quick and have an elaborate wedding later. In common lives, it's also understandable especially with all the lay offs and the financial crisis of the world today. Perhaps, weddings would be more enjoyable and stress-free for the couple if the wedding came second?! Many can argue both sides on this subject!

What are your thoughts? Are you in flavor of  NOW&LATER Weddings or is this just BAZOOKA to you?